I was there.


"I tried to go with father. One of the men in striped clothes hit me hard in my face and I fell headlong to the right." / Jakob Ringart


I was there.


"The Germans had prepared mass graves in the woods. My father and younger sisters were driven there and murdered." / Oskar Tojzner


I was there.


"The ground was wet and cold. The SS men walked along the lines with batons. Those who didn’t stand straight got beaten." / Klara Tixell


About the Holocaust How could it happen?

What steps led to the genocide of almost six million Jews and how could Nazi ideology take such a hold? You can learn about all of this here.

Testimonies I was there.

Listen to survivors that tell about their childhood, how life changed, time in the ghettos and camps, and end of war. Video clips, exercises and photos.

Students ask questions "Did you lose your faith?"

Listen to several survivors that answer students' questions. What would you like to know? Pick and choose from the questions.

Photos and documents

View the collection of historical photos and documents published at Eternal Echoes.

For the classroom

Here you can find introductory articles, exercises, ready-to-use lessons, a teachers' guide and a glossary.

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