Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy following GDPR

As host of Eternal Echoes, the Swedish Committee Against Antisemitism (SCAA) wants you to feel secure when providing personal information. This privacy policy demonstrates how we ensure that your personal information is treated following data protection legislation.

Data that we collect and how we use it

We collect personal data (such as name and email address) that you submit in connection with registration as a teacher or student. We may use your email address to renew your password, or to share valuable information to do with your account or updates on Eternal Echoes. Data that you enter when you are logged in is saved and stored on your personal account. We never disclose data to a third party without your consent. We will delete data upon request, if you wish to cancel your account, or if you as a user have not been active for two years.

The SCAA uses cookies and similar technologies to gather information about you or the equipment that you are using.

Cookie policy

Eternal Echoes use cookies to enhance your guest experience. Cookies are pieces of information that we place on your device when you visit our site. We may use cookies to bring together information we collect, such as statistics about which pages users visit frequently. You can choose to turn off all cookies. You do this through your browser settings. If you turn cookies off, you will not have access to all features and some services will not function properly.

Right to demand information

You have the right to obtain a report documenting what personal information the SCAA holds about you. An application for such should be made in writing and submitted to the SCAA head office. You also have the right to demand that incorrect details about you are corrected or that we remove you from our database. If you have any queries regarding how the SCAA handles your personal information, get in touch with the head office. If you do not want the SCAA to collect or store your personal information, you can always email the SCAA head office. Email:

Changes to this privacy policy

This privacy policy may be adjusted from time to time. If the SCAA makes any substantial changes to this policy, you will be informed via email before the changes come into force.