Quick Start Training

Please browse the presentation to get familiar with the features for Teachers and Students!

Please note, as a Teacher, you can Edit your Class. To Delete a Class and Student Accounts, please contact the administrator of the host of Eternal Echoes, and provide information about the name and code of the Class: info@skma.se

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we delete personal data that are no longer needed. Therefore, we will delete your account if you have not been active for three years.

Teachers' Quick Guide  |  Students' Quick Guide  |  Troubleshoot

Step 1: Create your account as a teacher. Please fill out the Registration Form.

Step 2: In the email, you receive after registration, you will find your Username and Password. Open www.eternalechoes.org and log in. You will find the Log In button in the right-hand corner on the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Once you have logged in, you can access the Teacher Manager Page, from the top menu and the Teachers' Guide.

Step 4: Enter a name for the new class. Click on Add Class.

Step 5: Copy the Student Code and share with your students. Ask them to log in and register. Go through the procedure together or share this link to the Students' Quick Guide.

Edit Class

Use the Pen Icon to edit the class.

Activate Pages

Choose the exercises from the list that your students should do. You can make your choices when you create a new class or click the Pen Icon to edit and then choose the exercises for the class. Note: If you update the list when the students have begun to work on the pages, their previously submitted answers will be lost!

Manage Classes and Students

The per cent indicates the number of answers submitted in the class and by individual students. Additionally, the flags (red, yellow and green) indicate the progress in total. Use the Envelope Icon to comment on a student's answer. The message will be sent using the default email client on your computer.

Report From Student

You can keep track of the class' and students' progress all the time. Also, when the student has submitted all answers on a page, he or she will submit the completed assignment. As a teacher, you receive a report to your email address.

Step 1: Create your account as a student.

Step 2: Submit your data and Student Code. Choose a Username (one word) and a Password. Keep the default ticks for messages! Then click Register >.

View the Assignments

Use the handle to view the assignments. Click on the links to navigate to the pages. The figures indicate the number of questions and how many you have completed.

Submit and Edit Answers

Use the buttons to submit and edit answers.

Submit Assignment

When you have answered all the questions, your assignment on this page is complete. Use the Submit Assignment button to notify your teacher!


If the language setting does not seem to be alright, make sure that you:

  • choose your preferred language when you log in at www.eternalechoes.org/login (see the picture Sign In);
  • change the settings of your profile and click on the Save icon (see the pictures Edit Profile and My Account).