My Childhood 1919-1938

I was there.

Halina Elczewska née Goldblum was born on November 11, 1919 in Łódź in the Polonised family of Maurycy and Franciszka. Her father was a director at Markus Kohn company at 3/5 Łąkowa St. There, the family also lived before the war.

After graduating from Eliza Orzeszkowa secondary school at 21 Kościuszki St. and passing her matriculation exam, Halina started working for the company "Anglo-Polish Trade Association" at 1 Kościuszki Alley.

Halina Elczewska (1919-2013), Poland

Halina Elczewska (1919-2013), Poland

Consider here the life of Halina before the war.

My Childhood

Halina was born in Łódź, where she spends her childhood and youth. She goes to school, she has many friends and is very much connected with her father.

1) Listen to Halina, as she describes her childhood before the war. Answer the questions.

  • 1a. Why the 11th of November is such an important date for Halina Elczewska?

  • 1b. How do you understand „identity”? What features, characteristics are the most important for you, when you think about your identity, yourself?

  • 1c. Describe (5-7 adjectives) the family of Halina Elczewska.

  • 1d. Describe (3-5 adjectives) the school of Halina.


Slideshow about Łódź.

2) Watch the slideshow about Łódź. Then answer the question.

  • 2a. What was the implications of the incorporation of the Wartheland into the Third Reich?

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