End of War and Postwar Experience

I was there.

From Auschwitz-Birkenau Jakob was taken to a slave labour camp at a factory in Braunschweig. The conditions in the camp were horrible and the work harsh. Due to the lice Jakob was constantly covered in sores and bites.

On May 1st 1945 Jakob and other prisoners were loaded on train wagons. However, due to the heavy bombings of the Allied forces the train never took off and the next day the camp was liberated.

After the liberation Jakob was brought to a camp for displaced persons at Bergen-Belsen. Doctors discovered that he had TBC and suggested that he should receive treatment in Sweden. Thus on July 20, 1945, Jakob arrived to Trelleborg by boat from Lübeck.

Jakob Ringart (1925-2014), Poland

Jakob Ringart (1925-2014), Poland

Consider here how Jakob tells about the liberation.

The Prisoners are Loaded onto Railway Cars

Jakob talks about the end of war.

1) Listen to Jakob as he talks about the end of the war. Answer the question.

  • 1a. How does Jakob describe liberation?

The Journey to Sweden

Jakob talks about the journey to Sweden.

2) Listen to Jakob as he talks about the journey to Sweden. Answer the question.

  • 2a. How does Jakob describe the arrival in Sweden?

The Camps are Liberated


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