My Childhood 1925-1938

I was there.

Jakob Ringart was born in 1925 in Lodz, south-west of Warsaw. His father Isaj was working as a clerk at a large bank and his mother Sara was a housewife. Jakob had two older brothers: Artur and Boleslaw.

In the municipal school that Jakob attended he was one of three Jews out of thirty students. He applied to the Joseph Pilsudski secondary school only to find out that there was no place for him as the number of Jews was limited. Instead Jakob went to a private school. He identified himself as a "Polish boy with a Jewish background" but still he was subject to antisemitism during his school years.

Jakob Ringart (1925-2014), Poland

Jakob Ringart (1925-2014), Poland

Consider here what life was like for Jakob before the war

My Family 

Jakob talks about his family and childhood in Lodz.

The Ringart family a Friday evening in the beginning of the 1930s. Sitting at the table from the left: Boleslaw 11 years old, father Isaj, Jakob 8 years old, Aron 16 years old and mother Sara.

1) Look at the picture of the family seated around the dinner table and answer the following questions.

  • 1a. What is the atmosphere like around the table?

  • 1b. What is most striking to you about the picture?

2) Listen to Jakob as he talks about his family and childhood in Lodz.

My School Years

Jakob talks about his schooling.

3) Listen to Jakob as he talks about his school years. Answer the question.

  • 3a. Did Jakob personally encounter antisemitism during his school years? And If so, in what way?

Lodz - A Modern Industrial City


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