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Klara Ruben Tixell 1997.

In the picture you see Klara's parents, Betti Hildesheim and Leon Ruben. The picture was taken in Copenhagen on their engagement day in 1920. Betti was born in Hamburg, Germany, but moved to Denmark.

In the picture you see Klara to the left, and her siblings, Daniel, Judith and Menni who was also called Moses. The photo was taken in 1929.

Klara Ruben.

Kamma and Klara were best friends. Klara recalls: "In the summer we went to the Tivoli amusement park every day. Until two o’clock it was only fifteen cents. In the picture we are thirteen. The photo was taken in 1943."

”Dear Kamma, we have been taken by German police. Notify my school. Greetings from Klara."

Klara and Leo Tixell at their wedding day. Klara met her future husband Leo Tixell in 1955. The couple married and moved to Sweden. Their daughter Sonja was born in 1959, and their son Gösta in 1961.

Klara at the age 21. This picture was taken shortly after she left home.