End of War 1945 and Postwar Experience

I was there.

They came back to Hungary in October 1944 but in March 1945, German soldiers took the people who worked in forced labour to Vienna. Whoever refused to go, was shot to death. They finally got back to Hungary on foot, in April 1945. His mother, grandmother and elder sister were killed in Auschwitz.

A year later, he went to the medical university and this is where he met his future wife, Terézia Mike. His father died in 1949. Terézia and László got married in 1950.

László Keller (1928), Hungary

László Keller (1928), Hungary

Consider here what happened to László after the war

End of War and Postwar Experiences

László Keller talks about what happened to him after the war.

1) Listen to László Keller and answer the questions.

  • 1a. List the phases László went through after the war before actually returning to his hometown, Mezőcsát.

  • 1b. What words or phrases does László use while speaking about how they felt when they went home?

  • 1c. When people talk about homecoming after being away from home, it’s usually loaded with a lot of emotions and happiness. How is the homecoming of László different from the previous feeling?

  • 1d. What words does László use when describing how their life went after they got back to Mezőcsát?

  • 1e. What might have been the reasons for the survivors to leave the country and to stay in Hungary?​​​​​​​

Life after the War

László Keller shares how his life went after the war.

Thoughts to be Shared

László Keller shares his thoughts for the future.

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