Forced Labour 1944

I was there.

His father was conscripted to forced labour from the ghetto and three weeks later, László was conscripted, too. He met his father during the forced labour and he believes that his survival was due to his father’s presence. Then, they were taken to the Front.

László Keller (1928), Hungary

László Keller (1928), Hungary

Consider here what happened to László during the war

Forced Labour

László Keller talks about his forced labour experiences during the war.

1) Before watching the clip answer the following question.

  • 1a. What do you think forced labour means? Collect five words that come to your mind and explain them.

2) Listen to László Keller as he talks about his forced labour experiences. Answer the questions.

  • 2a. What do we get to know about the circumstances when László enters the forced labour camp?

  • 2b. How is László’s experience different from the ideas you collected while thinking about forced labour?

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