Lea Gleitman

Lea  Gleitman answers questions asked by students at Oxievångsskolan, Bergaskolan and Augustenborgsskolan, primary schools in Malmö, Sweden.

Did you receive unexpected help?
In Bergen-Belsen, what made you go on fighting to live?
How do you feel about relatives of Nazis?
Did you experience antisemitism after the war?
Was it okay to make friends with other prisoners?
Isn't it easy to lose your faith after such experiences?
Were you starting to feel diminished?
What is it like to meet other survivors?
How do you find strength to talk about these things today?
Do you think that your experiences have made you stronger?
Did any authority ask you for forgiveness?
Do you think that something similar could happen again?
In the camp, did you feel hope or anguish?
What was most difficult with starting to live a "normal life" after the Holocaust?
Did you understand the extent of the Holocaust?
Is there something that makes you extra grateful today?
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