Livia Fränkel

Livia Fränkel answers questions asked by students at Vinstagårdsskolan, primary school, in Vällingby, Sweden.

What was it like to start over in Sweden?
Did you get a tattoo?
How does it feel when you watch films about WWII?
Was your faith strengthened or did you lose it? 
What should we learn from all this?
Did it feel as if your childhood was taken from you?
Did you at any time feel that you wanted to give up?
What was it like in Auschwitz?
Do you think about what life could have been like?
Have you visited Auschwitz?
Were Swedes hostile towards Jews? 
Have you got preconceptions towards Germans?
Which were the worst: the SS or the bystanders?
Where you and your sister able to stay together? 
What was the difference between Auschwitz and a labour camp?
Have you visited your homeland?
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