Susanna Christensen

Susanna  Christensen answers questions asked by students at the Trädgårdsstads skola, primary school, in Tumba and Djurgymnasiet, secondary school, in Liljeholmen, Stockholm, Sweden. 

Can you accept what happened to you?
What is your strongest memory from the war?
Do you miss life as it was in Hungary before WWII?
Did you have a "normal" life after the war?
What is your opinion about today's neo-Nazis? 
How did you manage to move on? 
Has your experience affected your everyday life?
How does your family feel about you sharing your experiences?
Would it have been easier for you if you had been an adult? 
Were there other children in the camp? 
Did you have any escape plan?
Do you believe in God?
What was your first job in Sweden?
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