Confined to the Ghetto 1944

I was there.

In the ghetto Susanna came a bit closer to her Jewish roots. The warden of the old people's home, where the family stayed, was religious and invited them to celebrate one of the Jewish holidays.

Suddenly one day the military police (gendarme) banged forcefully on the doors. The Jews were ordered to pack and get ready. The people where then brought by trucks to Szeged, the second largest city in Hungary where they were placed in a camp. From a collection point at the brickyard, they were then deported further on in cattle cars.

Susanna Christensen (1933), Hungary

Susanna Christensen (1933), Hungary

Consider here how life was for Susanna and her family in the ghetto

Life in the Ghetto

Susanna talks about life in the ghetto.

1) Listen to Susanna as she talks about life in the ghetto. Answer the questions.

  • 1a. Which similarities and differences do you find?

  • 1b. How did Susanna experience her time in the ghetto?

The Deportation from the Brickyard

Susanna talks about the deportation from the collection point at the brickyard.

2) Listen to Susanna as she talks about the deportation from the brickyard. Answer the questions.

  • 2a. During the Holocaust there were several persons who made it possible for the Nazis to implement their policies. Do you for example think that the train driver who drove the train used at the deportation of Susanna and her family had any responsibility?

  • 2b. What struck you most in Susanna’s description of the deportation from the brickyard?

The Jews of Makó are Deported

A slideshow about the deportation of the Jews from Makó.

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