Liberated 1945

I was there.

On 15 April 1945, Bergen-Belsen was liberated. Two days later, Susanna's father died.

One month after the liberation, Susanna and her mother had recovered enough to be able to stand up and walk. "It looked like a ghost town," Susanna recalls, "everyone walked around covered in sheets."

In July, Susanna and her mother were offered travel to Sweden. After three weeks in quarantine and six months of rehabilitation, a new life eventually began for them in Sweden.

Susanna Christensen (1933), Hungary

Susanna Christensen (1933), Hungary

Consider here how Susanna describes the liberation

Bergen-Belsen is Liberated

Susanna talks about the liberation.

1) Listen to Susanna as she talks about the liberation. Answer the questions.

  • 1a. What does Susanna say about the liberation?

  • 1b. What happened to Susanna, her father and mother at the time of the camp's liberation?

  • 1c. Did Susanna bring anything from the camp?

The Journey to Sweden

Susanna talks about the journey to Sweden.

2) Listen to Susanna as she talks about the journey to Sweden. Answer the question.

  • 2a. How does Susanna describe her arrival in Sweden?

The End of War and Liberation

A slideshow about the end of war and liberation.

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