My Childhood 1933-1944

I was there.

Susanna Christensen* was born in 1933 in Makó, a small town in southeast Hungary. Her parents, Erszébet (Elizabeth) and József Lukács, owned a small grocery store situated in a street called Sirkert Utca. The family lived very frugally and owned no modernities like a radio or a telephone, though Susanna's father had a newspaper during the war.

József was a really able fiddler. Sometimes an acquaintance visited and they played together. That was a bright spot in Susanna's life.

* Susanna's maiden name was Lukács Zsuzsanna.

Susanna Christensen (1933), Hungary

Susanna Christensen (1933), Hungary

Consider here Susanna's situation before the war

My Family

Susanna talks about her family and what life was like for the family in the town Makó.

1) Listen to Susanna as she talks about her childhood. Answer the questions.

  • 1a. How does she describe her childhood?

  • 1b. Which bright spots does she mention?

In School

Susanna talks about her school experiences and the situation of her family.

2) Listen to Susanna as she talks about school and the situation of her family. Answer the question.

  • 2a. Does she speak about some of the difficulties of her family?

Jewish Life in the City of Makó

A slideshow about Jewish life in Makó, Susanna's home town.

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