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Susanna Christensen | Photos and Documents

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Susanna's mother Erszébet Lukácz, born in 1898.

Susanna's father József Lukács, born in 1892.

Susanna: "As my parents were fairly old when I was born I was their greatest happiness and gift in life. This picture of myself was taken when I was less then one year old in 1933."

Susanna as a little girl in Hungary.

Susanna’s father saved and kept several important documents during the family’s time in the ghetto and camps. On this sheet, the text line ”Jelenlegi lakhelye” is Susanna’s street address in the ghetto. The family’s previous home address in Makó is given just below.

Susanna: “On April 15 Bergen-Belsen was liberated. Two days later my father died. When mom and I came up to his bed that morning he was dead. In a paper bag beside him were documents he has preserved from home, his glasses, a pen and a calendar. Later, I continued to write where my dad had stopped. The pocket calendar is now available in the Bergen-Belsen archives. I also gave my father’s glasses to the museum.”

In this pocket calendar Susanna’s father kept a diary all of the time the family was in the ghetto and camps.

Susanna and two Swedish carers at the school in Malmö where she stayed.

Erzsébet Lukács.

These pictures of Susanna and her mother, Erzsébet Lukács, were taken a few years after their arrival to Sweden.