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My childhood 1929-1939  |  Life Changes 1940-1944  |  Confined to the Ghetto 1944  |  In different camps 1944-1945  |  Liberated 1945  |  (Complete biography)

Vasile Nussbaum | Photos and Documents

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Vasile Nussbaum 2017.

Portrait photography of Vasile Nussbaum and his brother Sanyi, 1937.

Vasile Nussbaum and his brother Sanyi walking in Turda, 1938.

Vasile Nussbaum riding his bike in Turda, May 1940.

The Nussbaum Family: Vasile, his brother, mother and father, 1942.

In Buchenwald camp after liberation, April 1945.

Portrait photography of Vasile Nussbaum, 1945.

Portrait photography of Vasile Nussbaum, 1947.

Poster of the documentary film “Nussbaum 95736”, 2017.

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